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Welcome to the wiki for GNU Maintainers!

The wiki is entirely driven by a git backend.

See the cgit page for instructions to clone the wiki contents.

To register for the wiki please email and interact with a human.

Registration for the wiki is currently limited to GNU Maintainers, but we hope to open this up further in the future.

The wiki supports dokuwiki formatting natively or markdown via wrapping via <markdown> ... </markdown>.

The wiki is governed by a code of conduct.

The following namespaces are currently used:

  • wiki: for meta information about this wiki.
  • gnu: for GNU project wide working documents.
  • people: for GNU people.
  • software: for GNU package specific working documents (each in its own namespace).
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Please read the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct to see how we keep a friendly and harassment-free environment that anyone can contribute to.